How-to and 25 combos!

The viral TikTok tortilla hack! Get ideas for breakfast, lunch and dessert!

Breakfast:  Bacon, egg, cheese, avo Sausage, egg, veggies Cream cheese, jam, fruit PB and banana slices

Mix and match your fave breakfast combos!

Lunch: Deli meat, cheese, lettuce, mayo or mustard Tons of combos!

Lunch: Go vegetarian with hummus, beans and veggie combos

Lunch: Or make fajita, Greek or pizza style folded wraps

Sear in pan for a fun new take on a hot lunch! 

Snack or dessert:  Nutella, fruit, choc chips PB, fruit, choc chips

Snack or dessert: S'mores with Nutella, graham cracker crumbs, mini marshmallows

So many options throughout the day! Easy to make and endlessly customizeable!